Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Picking Up a Penny and Hope

For several weeks I've been nervous about some pains I've been having. I finally went to the doctor on Friday. She is a fabulous doctor whom I both respect and trust. She was stumped by these pains - they could either be caused by something serious or just be because I'm getting older. She ordered a test to be done at the hospital to rule out the more serious reasons. Needless to say, I was very anxious over the long weekend and arrived at the hospital for the test shortly after 8:00 this morning.

On my way into the hospital I found a quarter on the ground. I remembered a story that I had heard once...

A man and his wife were once invited out to dinner by the man's employer. This was going to be a very important affair for the couple because they felt honored about the invitation. This particular employer was enormously wealthy. His financial status soared far above that of the employee and his wife. In fact, the couple became more nervous about the occasion as it approached with each passing day.

When the day of the dinner-date finally arrived the employer met the couple near the entrance to one of the most exclusive restaurants in the area. Following a formal greeting, the three of them proceeded toward the door with the wealthy employer leading the way. After a few steps the employer stopped in his tracks and appeared to be quietly staring at the ground in front of him.

After nearly bumping into the man, the couple stopped short, wondering what may be wrong. After a few seconds the employer bent over, picking up a single penny which lay on the sidewalk. He brushed it off, placed it into his pocket, and continued toward the door. The group was quickly seated and their order was taken.

As they waited for the food to be served, and, in an attempt to relieve an obviously tense atmosphere, the wife of the employee jokingly made the following comment: "I noticed that you didn't walk past that penny on the ground outside. Is that how you have become so wealthy?"

The employer smiled kindly, reached into his pocket, and brought forth the redeemed penny, laying it on the table-top.

"Read what it says." He asked.

The couple leaned forward, reaching for the penny, and pulled it closer.

"In God We Trust." Said the wife.

Then the employer explained that he didn't become wealthy by picking up pennies. He picked up pennies, and any other lost coins because of those words. He explained that God's name is holy. (Remember the words to The Lord's Prayer?) If we shouldn't use it in vain we should also make sure that it is not walked upon by passers-by. But, he also explained another reason for pausing a short time before retrieving the penny from the ground.

"It is as if God has dropped a message into my pathway and He wants to remind me to keep my trust in Him." He told how he always said a short prayer of thanks, as a reply to God's loving message. The employer went on to explain, as they enjoyed the dinner and the evening together, that a single penny can become worth more than gold or silver in strengthening our relationship with our Heavily Father.

Of course, I picked up the quarter and looked at it. Needless to say, I read the words on the front "In God We Trust" and was comforted by those words because that is where my trust is and needs to be. So far, the preliminary results look good (or rather it looks like I just may be getting old - haha). But, even if the more detailed results come back pointing to scary things, I know that I can trust in God for my comfort and strength and for that of my family.

Thanks for reading.