Monday, March 11, 2013

Easter S'mores

 I love Peeps.  I've always loved Peeps.  How can you miss with marshmallows covered in sugar?  I love that stores always overbuy Peeps and then have a ton of them marked down to almost nothing the day after Easter.  I always stock up.  I just can't help it.

A couple of years ago I found this idea online somewhere and it spoke to me.....

(Doesn't that just sound like the most yummy ever?)

We just had to try it.  While our husbands were out of town, my cousin and I got our kids together for a BBQ and we had to try the Marshmallow Peep S'mores.  They were a HUGE hit (of course, since six of the eight kids were boys, anything with fire is a guaranteed win!).

Some of the kids were surprised that we were sacrificing the Peeps to the great and powerful BBQ, but they all warmed up to it after a minute.
They kept coming back for more and more and more!

Man, this kid LOVED them!

NOTE:  We used the E.L. Fudge Stripe cookies instead chocolate bars and graham crackers.  It's just easier for kids to manage.

Can't wait to hear how this yummy twist on an old favorite works for you!