Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Couponing #2

I'm sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday. I had two drop in visitors and spent four hours at the school. My schedule was not my own yesterday. I'll try to get the rest typed and scheduled for posting....

Regional Websites & Where to Find Coupons

Abbreviations you might see...
These are some of the abbreviations you'll come across.
*RP = Red Plum (newspaper insert)
*SS = SmartSource (newspaper insert)
*P&G = Proctor & Gamble (newspaper insert and loadable onto your shopper discount card)
*IE = Internet Explorer (click this one if this is your web browser)
*FF = Firefox (click this one if this is your web browser)
*Cellfire = (Coupon site that loads coupons directly to your preferred shopper discount card)
*Shortcuts = (Coupon site that loads coupons directly to your preferred shopper discount card)

Regional Websites...
Click on “Grocery Deals” at the very top. The links to online coupons are in red.
Acme, Genuardi’s, Giant of PA, Giant Eagle, Kroger, Meijer, ShopRite, SuperFresh (coming soon), Wegmans (coming soon)

Mid-west/Southern US -
Click on the grocery store link underneath her name logo.
Kroger (Dillon’s), harris Teeter, Food Lion, Harvey’s, Ingles, Piggly Wiggly, Winn Dixie, Publix, Bi-Lo

(This is the website I use for my Dillon’s store. I have to remember that the sales she lists go from Sunday through Saturday. My sales go from that Wednesday through Tuesday. Also, the prices she lists are usually between 30 and 50 cents cheaper than at my local Dillon’s.)

Fargo -

Utah - (Albertson’s, Smiths)

Utah, Idaho, Washington, California, Arizona -

Sacramento -
Type in the grocery store you want to search (i.e., Raleys) in the search box on the left side.

General - (Click on store deals - right side of link banner across the top)
- (general Walgreens/Target, etc. PLUS Idaho)

Other Ways to Get Coupons...
I usually go to my favorite website for this area ( and click on the coupon links that are embedded in the grocery ads they have listed. (Remember that most coupons can be printed TWICE from each computer.) I also get coupons this way (*NOTE* - I do not pay for any of my coupons) -

* (internet copy of the Sunday insert)
* (internet copy of the Sunday insert)
*Product websites (like Nestle or Bar-S) frequently have coupons. It's often worth a check.
*Free product samples usually come with coupons
*Recycling Center - Our recycling center saves out inserts and will give me a stack that's an inch high every time I go in. If yours doesn't do that ask if you can search through the bin they have for the high gloss newspaper recycling. It usually isn't very dirty because people take in a stack of newspapers and don't mix them in with their garbage.
*College Newspapers - When we lived in Idaho we discovered that the college there included the newspaper inserts (Albertson's ads and coupons) on the day before we got them in the regular paper. I usually drove to the school and ran into one of the buildings where I knew they had a newspaper box. Right next to the newspaper box there was a recycling bin. You'd be amazed at how many ads I could pick up out of the recycling bin. It was fabulous!!!
*Schools - Many schools use newspapers in their classrooms (I did when I taught in Utah). Check with your child's teacher to see if they do and if they have any inserts they'd be able to share with you.
*Libraries - Our library here in Pratt has a little box for coupons that they get from their copies of the Sunday paper. I regularly sort through those for the coupons I know I'll use.
*Neighbors, friends, family members, Church members - If you know people who aren't sold on couponing but still get the paper, ask them if you can have their inserts.

You can also BUY coupons on ebay and (It is illegal to sell coupons so they charge a small handling fee. I've never actually purchased coupons from either of these sites - I don't know why, I just haven't - but I have a couple of friends who have and love it! Turn around time is very quick. The coupon clippers are located in Florida so take that in consideration when you are totally up shipping time.)

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