Friday, November 5, 2010

Headbands & Flowers

I'm thinking about Christmas... When you are working with a budget, like most of us are, it's never too early to get started. In fact, I'm probably getting a late start. Be that as it may, I'm working away.

About a year ago I saw the daughter of a friend wearing a cute headband. It was made of ribbons in the school colors and it was darling. My friend told me she had made it and referred me to the internet. I found this website:
Then I ordered some headbands from here:

I made these headbands for my nieces. My favorites are the red one and turquoise ones. I think they are prettier if you only use three different kinds of ribbon - one for the outside triangles and two different ones for the inside diamonds. The green one was done with four different ribbons and is a little crazy for my taste.
I also made flowers and butterflies to clip onto the headbands. They were very easy to do - just glue a ribbon around an alligator clip and glue the flower/butterfly on top of the ribbon. This makes it easy to change the accessory on top of the headband.

My daughter, Kelly, modeling two of the headbands.


  1. I love those!! We will be making those at my house SOON.

  2. Super cute! You are so good to already be thinking about (and making things for) Christmas!