Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Barf Bucket

If flu season hasn't hit your neck of the woods, beware - it'll be there soon. This little tool was shown to us by a nurse at an Enrichment Meeting in Hutchinson, Kansas. I love this tool because all you have to do is lift up the top bag, tie the top of it in a knot, and throw it away. The new layer is ready to go for the next round. If you set it on a towel to catch the drips then you don't have to touch anything germy and cleanup is a breeze. My kids have named it THE BARF BUCKET!

The last time we had the stomach flu hit our house, my oldest complained of a headache the night before. I knew we were in for it because the only time he gets a headache is when he's going to be sick. At midnight he woke up with a stomachache and I set the barf bucket on a towel by his bed. At 5:30 in the morning he still had a bad stomachache. At 6 a.m. I heard him throwing up in the bucket. By 6:15 he felt much better, took a shower, and spent the rest of the day on the couch, watching cartoons - with the barf bucket, on a towel, next to him!

To make a barf bucket, first, take an ice cream bucket or a small waste paper basket. Next, line it with a plastic bag (grocery bags work fine as long as they don't have holes in the bottom). Third, rip up a bit of newspaper and lay it in the bottom to absorb the vomit. A folded paper towel or a couple of napkins work fine, too. Repeat the entire process with another bag. I usually do three or four layers of bag/newspaper. I keep one of these at the ready at all times.

P.S. If anyone can come up with a cuter, less disgusting name than barf bucket, please let me know. The name really bugs me.


  1. Can't think of a cuter less disgusting name, but love the idea - I never thought to layer the bags or put in paper to absord the puke. Thanks!

  2. LOL. We have the "grow up bowl" aka the throw up bowl. My girls are still little so they call it "grow up"! I always leave them with a bowl beside them if they have been feeling sick. Like your idea! =)

  3. I've added you to my blog list, and will be keeping my eye on you.

  4. I can't think of a better name either. I am glad my kids are older now and I don't have to clean up any yucky messes on the floor or bed, if you know what I mean.

    Welcome to the bloggy world. Love your posts so far, and hope you'll keep posting!

  5. I love the upgrades to the bucket.
    A better name might be the SICK BUCKET.

  6. How about the "GRAB BUCKET" bc you gotta grab it when ya need it? OR the "PIG BUCKET" bc what you will have in it..... not even the Pigs will want it! You could decoupage the outside with Pigs on it too! How can something so icky be a cute idea?? LOL