Friday, October 9, 2009

Burp Cloths - Tutorial

1. Draw a pattern - I like the burp cloths to be bigger than normal. I had two very spitty babies. K threw up for the first six months of her life - she even had to have an upper GI with a barium swallow (yucky x-ray for a baby). Tuffer threw up for an entire year. The only thing that helped a little was a weekly visit to the chiropractor. These burp cloths are about 17 inches long, 9 inches at their widest part, and 8 inches at the narrow middle. I've given lots of them as gifts and everyone always comments on how large they are - perfect for spitty babies. Just freehand a drawing until you are happy with it.

2. Cut out the fabric, making sure to leave extra fabric for a seam allowance. Pin, right sides together. Sew around the edge, leaving a 3 inch hole for turning.

3. Clip the edge of the fabric so that when you turn it it doesn't pull and bunch.

4. Turn the burp cloth right side out through the hole. Press the seam so it's not inside. I usually put a knife through the turning hole and run it along the inside of the seam and then press. Pin the turning hole closed.

5. If you have decorative stitches on your machine, sew around the burp cloth about one inch in from the edge. If you do not have decorative stitches, top stitch around the burp cloth about one inch in from the edge. Hand stitch the turning hole closed.

Note: I love to make these to match the self-binding receiving blankets. I usually make sure I buy enough flannel to make a blanket and two burp cloths (about 1-1/4 yards of each print will do it - or 1-1/4 yards of the back and 1 yard of the front.)


  1. Christine, Thank you so very much for these great instructions and photos. I made two of the blankets and burp cloths (the second one being much faster than the first!) Then today I showed my granddaughter how to make them and she's excited also. We couldn't have done it without your help so thank you, thank you for sharing.
    A grateful great grandmother.

  2. I had trouble with step 6:

    6. Lay the blanket out flat. You will notice that the back piece will fold over the front piece. Now is the time to sew the corners. Fold your blanket so the side seams meet. Match the "stop points" that are 1/4" away from the corner. make a line from the fold at a 90-degree angle from the fold to the "stop points".
    (I did not understand which side seams I needed to match or how to lay it out flat. I finally figured it out, only goofing on one corner).
    Thanks for your info. I am now a pro!!

  3. Loved this pattern (blanket & burp cloth)and I haven't sewn very much in life!

    Thanks for sharing,