Friday, September 11, 2009

Dryer Sheet Tip

Tip of the day - Cut your dryer sheets in half or even in thirds. They take care of static cling just as well as a whole dryer sheet but you get twice as many for the same price. (Some brands are easy to rip with your hands. Others require scissors.)


  1. I love how manufacturers make things so big that we can cut them up and get double the product for the price. this also works with baby wipes.

    welcome to the blogging world.

  2. I stopped over via your link on Jen's (f/ Homemaking Heaven) Monday "theme day".

    Definetly a frugal idea.

    We no longer use fabric softener - my asthma specialists recommended we stop - they leave a constant soft oder on clothes that can make it harder on people who are challenged by allergy triggered asthma. The really challenging part anymore, is how everything and anything contains "perfumie type" smells. I've recently returned two different box's of garbage bags due to their extreme perfumieness - they promoted they had a "odor blocking" ingredient. We think that they were attempting to block any oders of garbage on the inside escaping/being detetable OVER the smell of their added perfume 8-/ Aw well.

    Cheryl B.

  3. I cut mine into thirds, and the clothes still feel the same to me.